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Roxena Bell FLINT

Roxena was born February 10, 1877 in a dugout at Athens, Kansas to Eli D and Margaret Isabel (MARLIN) FLINT.

Her father didn't want to be a farmer. Eli spent two weeks drinking. He left his family in the dugout without food.

Margaret, with her children, were taken into the home of her in-laws William and Roxena (BLUNT) FLINT.

Margaret ended up divorcing Eli. Due to lack of being able to support her three children, she "farmed" them out. Family stated the people who agreed to take care of Roxena treated her abusively as a servant.

Nothing more is known about her life, until she was an adult. As an adult she was known as Ena .

A daughter, with an unknown father, died during delivery October 19, 1895 in Portland, Oregon.

Her son Leo was born out-of-wedlock September 6, 1898 in Gladstone, Oregon. Robert Henry Jones became very fond of Leo. He told Roxena to tell Leo, as he grew up, that Robert was his father. Robert told family that if anyone told him otherwise, they would have to deal with him.

Ena's mother took her to The Sisters of the Good Shepherd of the Magdalene House prior to the 1900 census, which was taken June 21st. Some time later when Margaret came to visit, bringing Sarah to play with Leo, Ena promised to be good and begged her mother to take her home. Margaret did so.

On September 29, 1902 she married James A. Shellenberger in Charleston, Washington. They lived in Seattle, where they had Pearl Gertrude Shellenberger March 9, 1903.

By 1905 they moved to Weston, Oregon, where Ena had twins Milford Richard and Millard (stillborn) August 16, 1906.

The 1910 census lists the family living in West Plains, Kansas. By 1910 Ena bore 6 children, 3 of whom were living. According to one of Milford's daughters, Pearl said she had a two year old sister who died in her arms in the back of a wagon. This may have been on the way to Kansas

February 7, 1913 Ena lived in Trinidad, Colorado near her brother John William and his wife. James was working in Oklahoma when he received word that his infant daughter Margaret Isabel Shellenberger had died.

Ena divorced James in 1915.

Pearl stated when she was 14 years old she went on two dates with August "Jack" Herman Kaiser. Jack was 8 years older than Pearl. Ena moved, leaving Pearl behind. Pearl married "Jack" September 20, 1919 in King County, Washington. They had their first child October 4, 1920 in Seattle, Washington.

Milford stated he was abandoned by his mother when he was 14 years old. He was living in Eagle, Colorado in January 1920.

Taken about January 1920 in San Francisco, where Ena, Pearl and John were living.

John William Flint - John Steven Triantfil
Roxena Bell (Flint) Shellenberger - Emma Pearl (Flint) Triantfil

She married Charles L. Schubert. In 1924 they lived at 1488 78th Avenue, Oakland, California. He was a car builder. She left him for a man with a yacht in Monterey Bay.

In 1925 she lived at 665 1\2 29th Avenue, Oakland, California. She moved there after her son Leo's family came to live with her at 2712 Grove Avenue.

When Leo moved back to Colorado, Ena moved to Pacific Grove, California; living near her daughter Pearl's family. She lived in a nice house.

When she was alone to support herself, she was a laundress.

About 1940 she was diagnosed with Chronic pancreatitis and Coronary Arteriosclerosis.

In the mid-1940s she lived with Leo's family in San Leandro, California

She bought a small trailer home and moved into a trailer park in Seaside, California. She died of a heart attack at her residence November 1, 1955. She was found on her knees in a position of prayer wearing her Rosary.